Something big is being built
at our new location in Karlsruhe!

On an area of about 3,000 square meters, our flagship offers a lot of

  • individual workplaces in open space areas for coworkers and anyone looking for a work from home alternative.
  • separate and high-quality furnished private and team offices to fit different team sizes.
  • well-equipped and flexibly configurable meeting and event spaces
The Coworking Space in the Dampfschreinerei Karlsruhe

We have space that fits your needs: whenever and however you need it:

All meeting rooms and workplaces at SteamWork Karlsruhe can be booked by the day or long-term.

open space for coworker being built at Steamwork, the Coworking Space in Karlsruhe
construction work at Steamwork to build new office spaces in Karlsruhe
sketch of meeting and team rooms at Steamwork Karlsruhe

Together with our architects and interior designers, we are creating a unique impact space

For companies, start-ups, coworkers, and the regional community, an extraordinary place is emerging in the heart of Karlsruhe.

SteamWork Karlsruhe will be a coworking space with a well-designed room structure, optimized room acoustics, and modern equipment, such as video conferencing systems, height-adjustable desks, and telephone booths.

We have space with everything you need:

You no longer have to worry about your office equipment, cleaning, or other infrastructure.

Just book your place and get started!

sketch of coworking space at steamwork
Behind these doors, we are creating special spaces for your work – secure your spot today!

We have space for everyone who wants to grow beyond office walls:

We want to create an extraordinary place with and for you, where business, culture, and community meet. The coworking space in Karlsruhe is the ideal place to grow your network across industries. We are looking forward to new, inspiring contacts and to grow beyond office walls together with you.

Become part of the coworking community in Karlsruhe!

coworking solutions for an exceptional work experience

  • Open Spaces

    148 Flex- und Fix Desks on around 1,000 square meters on 3 floors

    Tired of video conferencing in your child's room?

    In our well-equipped Open Spaces, you can set up your workplace flexibly and on a daily or permanent basis. Of course, there are also plenty of private areas for your telephone and video conferences.

    Coworking at Steamwork Karlsruhe
  • Office space

    16 office rooms for 1 - 45 people on about 1,000 square meter on 3 floors

    The private office rooms are the right spot for your company or single teams to work exceptionally well!

    Be inspired by the vibrant coworking atmosphere and enjoy the benefits of the shared lounge areas, while having a private space to work on your projects. On the premises of the Dampfschreinerei, in the heart of Karlsruhe, you will find private offices and team rooms in different sizes.

    book private and team offices at Steamwork Karlsruhe
  • Event spaces

    17 rooms for indoor and outdoor events for 1-200 persons

    Exhibitions, (video) conferences, workshops, meetings, art & more - our rooms can be flexibly adapted to your needs.

    The event and meeting rooms at SteamWork are not only exceptionally well equipped but can also be flexibly combined. They offer enough space for events by, with and for you.

    book event areas at Steamwork Karlsruhe
    • A vibrant and professional network
    • Business and cultural events

    And so much more for your personal well-being

    For a good work-life balance, our coworking space in Karlsruhe offers not only workplaces but also areas for your culinary well-being with an integrated gastronomy, coffee lounges, and shopping facilities!

    • A motivating and inspiring environment
    • A feel-good atmosphere

Be sure to save your space in our
coworking space in Karlsruhe

Be there when it kicks off in the first quarter of 2022!

Our flagship coworking space will open its doors in the first quarter of 2022.

On the premises of the Dampfschreinerei, centrally located in the Southwest of Karlsruhe, we will create a special space for your business, cultural happenings, and events.

The private team and office spaces in the middle of the coworking community are in particularly high demand and are usually rented for a longer period. So get in touch now if you are ready for a new, inspiring workplace.

Don't miss any news: On our Instagram account @steamwork_coworking you can find a lot more information about us and our coworking space:

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It's time to give good things more space!

Join us to make things happen for you and your team - if you have any questions, are looking for more information about the workplaces at SteamWork, or if you want to secure a space in advance, just drop us a line. We are looking forward to meeting you!