Coworking in times of Covid-19

- we are still here for you and have implemented appropriate measures and precautions

We at GoodSpaces want to provide you with a working environment where you feel comfortable and safe! Due to the current Corona situation, we have implemented appropriate protective measures that are based on the official guidelines. Reducing the risk of infection depends on the precautions we have taken on-site, but also on how each individual behaves.

Our coworking spaces are open for you and you are very welcome here - please make sure that you follow the Corona guidelines to protect yourself and your coworkers.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our spaces - even with a mask covering our mouths and noses :)

How our coworkers protect themselves and others:

  • Washing your hands

    Please wash and disinfect your hands regularly, especially when you are entering the space. Even though our space teams make sure that the surfaces are regularly disinfected, we ask that you also disinfect the surfaces in the community areas as well as your workplace.

  • Small groups and distancing

    Being able to work together and exchange ideas is what a coworking space is all about. This is still possible, but we have to organize ourselves a little differently. Therefore, avoid standing together in groups of more than 2 people and always keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters.

  • Disinfection

    We make sure that there is always enough soap and disinfectant available for you in every coworking space - all you have to do is use it. In addition, our Space Managers also ensure that all surfaces are regularly disinfected.

  • Community internal

    Normally guests are always welcome in our spaces. In the current situation, however, we ask you not to bring " visitors" along, if possible.

    Regarding further measures, we have placed appropriate information signs and markings in the Spaces for easier implementation. Please adhere to the corresponding instructions.

  • Sneezing etiquette

    Not only appropriate in Corona times: please only sneeze into a cloth or your elbow.

  • Mask protection

    In the common areas (i.e. also when entering the space until you arrive at your workplace), wearing masks that cover your mouth and nose is mandatory.

If you feel ill or if you suspect a Corona infection, you are not allowed to come into the coworking spaces. In this case, please contact the health department or your primary care doctor directly. If there is a case of corona in one of our spaces, we will immediately inform everyone who is or was present. In such a case, the space will only be opened to the community again after it has been sufficiently decontaminated.

What we do

  • For our team

    We also wear mouth and nose protection everywhere to protect ourselves. We regularly wash and disinfect our hands and also wear gloves when handling food and in facility management.

  • Air quality

    The coworking spaces are well aired every hour. To control aerosols and air quality beyond that, CO2 meters are installed in the Spaces.

  • Corona Station

    Forgot your mask, need disinfectant for your hands or surfaces? - At our Corona Stations you will find everything you need.

  • Fresh air system

    In the B_Fabrik in Heidelberg, we have also installed a fresh air system that continuously supplies the Corowking Space with fresh air.

  • Toilets

    Only one person is allowed in the restrooms at a time.

  • Markings

    In order to maintain sufficient distance, we have placed appropriate markings on the floor for you.

  • Seating arrangement

    The seating arrangement/tables have been adjusted so that you can work with sufficient distance from each other. The implementation and corresponding markings can be found at the respective places.

  • More space

    When using the meeting rooms, please note that the number of people allowed is currently reduced. In rooms up to 25 m² no more than two people are allowed, in rooms up to 50 m² no more than 5 people are allowed at the same time. In larger rooms, meetings with up to maximum 10 people are permitted. The minimum distance must also be maintained at all times during the meetings.

The team of GoodSpaces is here for you!

Feel free to contact the space managers of our local coworking spaces at any time. You can reach them by phone or email. Via our Slack channel Breidenbach Coworking #Corona you can always touch base with us if you have any questions, suggestions or problems.

Even if you need help, we are always here for you. And the most important thing: We are here for each other. That's why we are cautious to a reasonable extent, listen to the scientists and deal with the situation and each other in a sensible way.